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Empowering the Future: Inaugural Black Massage Conference

November 15, 2023
By Jeryse

The inaugural Black Massage Therapist Conference held in North Carolina was a resounding success, bringing together a community of massage therapists from across the US and Canada. This groundbreaking event, hosted by Davonna Willis of 4nineteen Education and Training, along with the organizational prowess of Ashley Urquhart of MT Banquets and Jeryse Kelly of MJK Events, created an atmosphere of inspiration, education, and empowerment.

Black Massage Therapist Conference 2024
The Team Front row - Jeryse Kelly, Davonna Willis, Ashley Urquhart, LaToya Hill Back row - Patrick Huey, Terrance Bonner, Sam B. Nelson Photo by Stanley Desbas Photography

Unity and Empowerment:

Massage therapists gathered with a shared sense of purpose, unity, and a commitment to uplifting one another. The conference became a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and aspirations, fostering a powerful sense of community.

2023 BMT Conference

Upliftment and Encouragement

Speakers Benny Vaughn, Patrick Huey, and Davonna Willis delivered impassioned talks, instilling a sense of pride and purpose in every attendee. Their words echoed with encouragement, urging therapists to believe in their potential, pursue education relentlessly, and build businesses that reflect their unique greatness.

2023 BMT Conference
Patrick Huey, Ashley Urquhart, Davonna Willis Photo by Stanley Desbas Photography

Educational Powerhouses

The conference boasted an impressive lineup of educators, with Shanese Armstrong, Terrence Bonner, and Samuel B. Nelson leading the charge. Attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge, gaining insights that ranged from advanced techniques to the latest industry trends.  The conference was not only about motivation but also about tangible knowledge.  The commitment to education shone through, empowering therapists to raise their standards and elevate their practice.

2023 BMT Conference
Terrance Bonner - Thai Foot Reflexology Photo by Stanley Desbas Photography
2023 BMT Conference
Sam B. Nelson - Business Ethics
  1. 2023 BMT Conference
    Shanese Armstrong - Business Ethics Photo by Stanley Desbas Photography

Building Stronger Businesses

The emphasis on business development was a cornerstone of the conference. Workshops and discussions provided practical strategies for creating resilient and thriving massage therapy enterprises. Attendees left equipped with tools to navigate the business landscape, overcome challenges, and tap into the immense potential within their grasp.

Black Massage Therapist Conference 2024
Business Grant Recipient Photo by Stanley Desbas Photography

Seeing Greatness:

The conference was a celebration of the greatness within each attendee and their businesses. It served as a reminder that success is attainable through dedication, education, and a supportive community.

Looking Forward to 2024

As the echoes of the inaugural event reverberate, the anticipation for the 2024 Black Massage Therapist Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina intensifies. Mark your calendars for October 8-9, 2024, as we aim to surpass the success of the first gathering. Let's continue this journey of empowerment, education, and excellence together.

Black Massage Therapist Conference 2024

Join the Movement

To all black massage therapists and vendors, your presence is vital. Let's make the 2024 conference in Charlotte an even greater success. Be part of an event that not only celebrates the present but paves the way for a future where greatness knows no bounds. Together, we rise.

Black Massage Therapist Conference 2024

Save the Date. Embrace the Future. Elevate Your Craft.

For more information and early registration, visit Black Massage Therapist. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of history in the making!

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