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Event Ensemble's Christmas in July - July 21, 2016

August 8, 2016
By Jeryse Kelly

Less than a year ago, I joined this wonderful networking group Event Ensemble.  I have had the opportunity to make some new friends that also have a passion for creating wonderful weddings/events which leads to creating memories.  I was given the opportunity to create a "signature event" for this networking group.  I was given the date and was connected with Karen Hunt of The Falls Event Center and open range of possibilities.  Karen and I met and we decided on Christmas in July with a goal of getting the participants to have fun, garner business tips/inspiration, interact in a different way than what we are accustomed to, see and experience her new property (The Falls Event Center) and most importantly HAVE FUN!

photo by Images by Angela

Since it was Christmas in July, we wanted people to receive gifts and GIVE gifts.  We incorporated a service project in conjunction with our meeting.  We collected toiletry items to put together a shoebox for Shoebox ministries.  Shoebox ministries creates these shoeboxes of toiletry items and delivers them to shelters for homeless and the working poor.  They can create family boxes or boxes specific for men/women.  They are located in Scottsdale.  If you have extra toiletry items, they are always willing to accept your donation.

ShoeBox ministries donations
ShoeBox ministries donations.
ShoeBox ministries donations.

Planning of the Christmas in July meeting

I started reaching out to vendors that I had FaceTimes with.  I really wanted to try and use either newer members or members that haven't had the opportunity to share their talents yet.  Through the graciousness of the group, we had approximately 30 vendors donating their time and services!!!!  We also had 5 businesses donate centerpieces!!

Centerpiece donations

Brenda Doesksen - SpeedPro Imaging, Eva Dwight - Creative Coaching Conversations, Cole St. Clair - Edward Jones, Maria Ragain - Blooming Expressions Flowers and Tony Medlock - PJ's Flowers.

SpeedPro Imaging created this centerpiece.
SpeedPro Imaging created this centerpiece. Photo by LightRain Images
Blooming Expression Flowers created this centerpiece.
Blooming Expression Flowers created this centerpiece. Photo by Dana Gibbons Photography
Maria Ragain of Blooming Expressions Flowers created this centerpiece


3d Photography & Design

Aroma Catering

Arizona Mobile DJ

Bob the Psychic

Bridal Boutique of Arizona

Couple of Bartenders

The Covergirl Chair covers

Dr. Mamiko Odegard

Distinctive Wedding Videos

GBS Linens

Grins 2 Go Photography

Images by Angela

Jackie Style Image Consulting

Johnnies Java & Johnnies's Java Snow

Karma Event Lighting & AV

KC Photography Studio

Life of the Party Entertainment

Light Rain Images

Magician Eric Giliam

MJK Events

Ocotillo Music

Pomegranate Press

Posh Event Productions, LLC

Rita's Ice-Custard

Rites O'Passage Ceremony & Coaching

Showstoppers Interactive Entertainment

Southwest Selfies


Storybook Entertainment

The Platinum Experience

Wild Bunch Catering

Women in Disquise

Your Crazy Wrap Girl


Executing the Christmas in July meeting

It's meeting day!!  I solicited the help of my friend Gina to help me day of and she did a fabulous job.  It reminded me of our DSMOM/ASMOMO  (Desert Sky Mothers of Multiples/Arizona State Mothers of Multiples Organization) Twins Club days with the events, meeting and conventions we would volunteer at or host.

Gina & Jeryse - together again
Gina & Jeryse - together again

The vendors came through big time to make the event a fun and positive experience.  There were close to 80 Event Ensemble members that attended.  The surprises (carolers and The Grinch) that I planned, arrived and they were perfect.

The Carolers from Showstoppers Interactive Entertainment
The Grinch entering Whoville
The Grinch entering Whoville
Aroma Catering
Couple of Bartenders
Couple of Bartenders. Photo by LightRain Images
Tony Fynan of AZ Mobile DJ
Eric the Magician
Bob Willis of Wild Bunch Catering
Bob Willis of Wild Bunch Catering with Scott Faver of The Party Favers
Tuesday Morris with Bridal Boutique of Arizona
Tuesday Morris with Bridal Boutique of Arizona.  Photo by KC Photography
Covergirl Chairs and Women in Disguies
Robert & Cyndi Leger of Ocotillo Music
Candy Buffet
Jacqueline Freeman of Rites O'Passage Ceremony & Coaching

The donations for Shoebox Ministries started arriving and arriving and arriving.  Through the graciousness of Leslie Oesteman and The Platinum Experience, she brought a couple of elves to help pack boxes and even made trips to Walmart to purchase some extra items to complete some boxes.  Our group donated 39 COMPLETE shoeboxes and some extra supplies to start another 20 boxes!!!!!

Leslie and her elves! Her company is The Platinum Experience.
Leslie and her elves! Her company is The Platinum Experience.

Thank you, THANK YOU, Thank You!!! to Scott Faver for allowing me this opportunity and trusting me with this endeavor.  Thank you to the vendors that donated their time and services.  Thank you Karen Hunt and the Falls Event Center staff for being awesome and very accommodating to work with. Last but not least, Thank you to the Event Ensemble peeps that attended the event and also those that weren't there in person but in spirit and sending happy vibes for a successful event.

snowball fight with business tip/inspiration written inside
snowball fight
snowball fight
Photo by LightRain Images
snowball fight
Lisa Cline of It Works! showing the business tip/inspiration she received.  Photo by Dana Gibbons Photography
The Grinch
The Grinch provided by Storybook Entertainment. Photo by Dana Gibbons Photography
Eric the Magician entertaining Dolly
Eric the Magician entertaining Dolly.  Photo by Dana Gibbons Photography
The DJ's are in the house!
The DJ's are in the house!
Showstoppers and the living cocktail table
Showstoppers and the living cocktail table
My memory capturers
My memory capturers
Time to center ourselves and rejuvenate for the coming wedding season.
Time to center ourselves and rejuvenate for the coming wedding season.
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