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Flower-ology in Tempe

November 1, 2011
By Jeryse Kelly

I took a "flower-ology" class from God's Garden Treasures last week.  God's Garden Treasures is a  Tempe flower shop, located at Mill and Baseline.  I created this cool centerpiece.  We used Bells of Ireland, Garden roses, Carnations, Snapdragons and Celosia.  The blue stuff in the bowl is sisal.  The class was fun and I learned some new things about flowers, sizes, and colors.

One new thing I learned was that the Bells of Ireland are phototropic.  Phototropic means they will travel to find the light.  So if you start out with them bent one certain direction, if they are receiving light from the left they will bend to the left to get closer to the light.

When planning a wedding or even a party, it would be very important for you to become really good friends with your florist or make sure your wedding/party planner has a florist that they trust.  If you have a good repoire, they will be very helpful in finding the right flower for your personality, for the weather and for the purpose during the ceremony or event.  If you are planning a Victorian, vintage, romantic wedding you aren't going to feel comfortable with contemporary centerpieces.

The trends for flowers are daisies and tulips.  Roses are still by far the most popular.  Right now the bold and bright colors are the trend.  It is also considered fresh and forward to pick a color and create the look with many varying shades or hues of that color.

If you are interested in finding out your floral signature, take this short quiz.

Karin with God's Garden Treasures offer other floral design classes as well.  She offers; Flower jewelry (corsages/boutonnieres, necklaces, bracelets), Intro to DIY brides (an informational class about Do-It-Yourself wedding flowers), Wedding Flower-ology, Hand tied bouquets, Creative Centerpieces, and Halloween Florals.  All classes are held at the shop located on the South/West corner of Mill and Baseline.

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