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Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2017
By Jeryse Kelly

Mother's Day and how to celebrate.

April showers bring May flowers.  Those May flowers can be picked and handed to your mother because it is Mother's Day.

Mother's day has always been a special holiday to me even when I was growing up.  My father would get us up (EARLY) and we would drive along Baseline Ave where the Japanese Gardens used to be located.  We would pick out flowers and they would wrap them up in paper.  Coming back home we would stop at McDonald's and pick up egg mcmuffins, hash browns, coffee and orange juice.  Such fond memories.



After I married and became a mother, Mother's day took on a different meaning and vibe.  I started hosting Mother's day at my home for my mom and mother in-law.  Even though I was a mother, it was still important to honor my mother.  So I started hosting Mother's day at my house.  I was able to honor my mother, not have to fight crowds at restaurants, keep the costs to what worked with our budget (single income with twins) and almost less work (not being away from the house with the twins all day).  Many people stated that I wasn't getting a Mother's day since I didn't have the day off, but it was what worked best for us and our family.  I had hopes that my husband would jump in and make some things happen but that didn't happen.  Now that my kids are older (22 yrs and 17 yrs) I decided this year to host at my house and assign items to my kids, my sister, my husband and my father in-law.

Flowers and breakfast are a great way to celebrate Mother's day.  There are other things that can be done to celebrate and honor your mom.  Below is a list of some suggestions:

Clean the house
Do the laundry
Detail her car
Go grocery shopping
Spend some time with her
Go to the movies
Walk around the park
Go for a bike ride
Take or bring her, her favorite dessert
Put together a photo collage
Write a poem about your mom
Give her a charm necklace or bracelet
Giver her a framed picture of her with her children/grandchildren
Make coupons for her to use during the year
Make a bouquet of paper flowers made by you



Mother's Day has been in existence as early as 600 B.C. The origins of Mother's day stem from festivals to celebrate motherhood or symbols of motherhood instead celebrating mothers like we do now.  It started in the United States in 1908 by Julia Ward Howe.  The same Howe that penned the Battle Hymn or Republic 12 years earlier.  If you have ever wondered about the history of Mother's Day, use this link to learn more.

This webpage -
lists what traditions different countries do for Mother's Day.  Did you know, May 10th is Mexico's Mother's Day?

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