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It's the Holiday Season...

December 4, 2020
By Jeryse Kelly

Micro/Mini Weddings

Micro or mini weddings are a thing. They are a viable and necessary thing during 2020. They will be around for a while now. I like the idea of a smaller and more intimate celebration with the people you really want to celebrate with. This also allows you to give greater focus to items that are super special to you and your fiance. Just because it is a smaller intimate celebration does NOT mean that you are spending less.

In some ways you could spend the same amount for 150 people and have a larger budget per person for 50 people. You will need to work with your wedding planner (me!) to decide what is important for your wedding or event day. Are you a foodie? Do you want a bomb celebration with really cool entertainment? Is it your dream to have full and plush blooms? Are capturing your memories with photos and videos of utmost importance?

All those thoughts, concerns and questions are another great reason to partner with and hire a wedding planner.

I have partnered with some fabulous wedding professionals to put together a micro wedding package. Contact me to get started planning your micro or mini wedding.

Use the link below for some other micro wedding inspiration -


Let’s start thinking about and learning about the color trends for 2021.  Do you enjoy warm or cool colors?  Are you calm and monochromatic or exciting and dramatic statement?  I love learning about color and color theory.

Below is a list of colors and some qualities associated with them:

Orange – Warm, invigorating, friendly            
Yellow – Happy, uplifting, sunny
Red – Action, energetic, bold
Green – New growth, fresh,
Blue – Comfort, homey, soothing
Purple – Royalty, regal
White – Crisp, soft, clean
Black – Dramatic, menacing

Metallics can add depth and richness to decor and the overall picture.

For more information on color, take a look at my article -           

Use these links to look at other color palettes, meaning and how to use.

This is the 2021 Benjamin Moore color forecast. Looks very calm and cooling. Probably desperately needed after all the ups and downs of 2020.

Holiday Wedding Ideas

It's the holiday season ... With all the normal decor that is out and about this time of year, this could really save you time and money for your wedding. You can use some of the items that are up and add to them to personalize it for your styling and inspiration.

Here are some ideas that you might find helpful.

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