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It's the Holiday Season...

December 28, 2018
By Jeryse Kelly

Now that I have that song in my head, it's time to reflect on the holidays.  I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family and friends celebrating.  There is another party just around the corner, rest up these next couple of days and get ready.

Most people I have talked to, enjoyed the holidays and followed up by saying "it was just really busy".  I have to agree with this statement.  It was really busy, fun, tiring and exciting.  I encourage you (and myself) to take a few moments to capture some of the memories from the season.  I am a big proponent of creating and capturing memories for generations to come.  We can keep our family members that have passed away near us with these traditions and memories.

Here are some of our traditions - some old and some new
Christmas Eve - ending church service in candle light, dressing up (somewhat) and having a family picture taken and a family white elephant exchange
Christmas Day - stockings as part of our place setting, pajama bottoms (new), fuzzy socks (new), dinner, Christmas sweaters (new)

Christmas Eve
Candle light at Grace Community Church! We have been attending for 21yrs.
white elephant exchange with the whole family 25 of us!
New tradition - Christmas fuzzy socks
New tradition - Christmas pj bottoms
Christmas stockings as part of our place setting - newish tradition started 4 years ago
Having the family over for dinner, games and gifts!  This year was Italian themed dinner.  I made sausage, peppers and potatoe casserole.  I went to DeFalcos and purchased some Italian desserts.
New tradition - Christmas sweaters/t-shirts

Please share your Christmas memories/traditions with me!

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