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Let's talk about the dress

February 10, 2022
By Jeryse Kelly

Let's talk about the dress, baby. Are you thinking of the Salt n' Pepa song? That's what popped into my head. Anyways you have found your love and are engaged! Congratulations!!! Typically we start thinking about what we are going to wear before we have even told family and friends or finalized our date. What style and what color dress are going to look the best on you and complement your wedding style or theme? So many things to consider when selecting a wedding dress.

When selecting any fashion for yourself, you should take into consideration the shape of your body. This will help select styles and shapes that will complement your body. The typical body shapes are pear, rectangle, apple, and hourglass shape. 

Let's take a look at the brief description of the body types and the types of dresses that would flatter them the most.

The Pear shape

Small on the top and larger in the hips. This shape looks best with a belted waistline and flowing skirt.

The Rectangle shape

Straight up and down, no definition at waist. You should look for a dress that gives curves and has a belted waist.

Larger on the top half and tappers to pretty small on the bottom half,  a dress that emphasizes the bust (v-neckline) and waist with a slight flare to the skirt.

The Hour Glass

Very shapely in the bust and hip area, small waist, any dress with a scooped neckline, natural waistline emphasized and flowing skirt.

For more info about picking a wedding dress for your body style, Real Simple has a great article.  Click on the following link for more information

Another great resource is working directly with a dress designer. Let me introduce you to Svetik Campbell. Not only is she a fabulous fashion designer she is a beautiful and caring person. She works with many different body shapes and incorporates many different colors and tons of beading, sequins, crystals and lace if the design calls for those elements. Here are a couple of her designs.



Holiday party at Chateau Luxe in Phoenix

What style and what color dress are going to look the best on you and complement your wedding style or theme? If you have questions about wedding fashion or designing your wedding based on your styling, aesthetic or your personal vibe, you could use the help of a wedding planner. I can help design your wedding based on your styling, personal vibe and aesthetic. Click on LET'S GET STARTED to get the conversation started.


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