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Pick a Color

July 15, 2020
By Jeryse Kelly

What do your color choices say about you?

Congratulations on your engagement!! What is the next question that usually comes around? “What is the date for the wedding?”

The next question is, “What are the colors?”

Color can be very important not just for a wedding but also home furnishings, events, advertising, etc. The use of color can bring out emotion, set a mood, create excitement or tone down the excitement. Look around and make note of colors in fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, spas, and kids play spaces.  You will see and feel a trend.

Everyone has a favorite color. Sometimes couples will pick the color for their wedding based on this.  Other times couples will pick colors based on a theme they are using. Using color is fun and should be used to its fullest potential.  Have you considered what your color choices say about you?

Color Characteristics

Below is a list of colors and some qualities associated with them:

Orange – Warm, invigorating, friendly
Yellow – Happy, uplifting, sunny
Red – Action, energetic, bold
Green – New growth, fresh,
Blue – Comfort, homey, soothing
Purple – Royalty, regal
White – Crisp, soft, clean
Black – Dramatic, menacing

There are also metallics - Silver, Gold, Copper, Titanium, Rose Gold, Bronze, Brushed Chrome and more.  Metallics can add depth and richness to decor and the overall picture.

Once you have picked your date and your colors, your next step should be to consult a wedding planner/designer. This person can help you with your color selection (hue or shade) based on your dream and vision. If you are asking yourself what does hue or shade mean, contact me to discuss this and other decor ideas, wedding plans and more.  An excellent wedding planner/designer will listen to your wants/wishes and will help you make that dream a reality.

Below are a couple of links with more detail regarding color.  It is fascinating!

What do your color choices say about you?  Let's discuss how we can bring those feelings and characteristics into your wedding or event.  Are you ready to have a trusted advisor in your wedding/event planning journey?


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