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2017 Event Ensemble Signature Event - DJ Trivia Night!

November 8, 2017
By Jeryse Kelly

It was time for us wedding professionals to have a party for us. We are typically ALWAYS the ones giving or performing at parties. This is when the Event Ensemble Signature Event comes in handy. Even though we have some wedding professionals providing the party, it is a great time to show off their talents to potential referral partners and it also an awesome opportunity to get to network with people you might not get to network with normally.

2017 EVENT
2017 EVENT

Our networking meetings are typically held on Thursday mornings. There are some people that aren't able to attend but they might be able to make it out to a signature event which can be held in the evening. I love it when we can come together, work and party as a team and also give back to others. We had 2 giving opportunities - $5 for every paid ticket went to St. Mary's Food Bank and collecting luggage, duffle bags, backpacks or tote bags to donate to FosterHope Foundation.

Last year I planned a Christmas in July party!

snowball fight

This year was DJ Trivia Night!

DJ Trivia Night!

We had 20 wonderful and giving wedding professionals participate

Barb & Burt Shapiro - GreenScreen Entertainment

GreenScreen Entertainment


Brett Carlson - Grins 2 Go

Grins 2 Go


Celeste Tally - Celeste's Kitchen & Catering

Celeste's Kitchen & Catering


Chuck Field - Chuck Field Comedy Ventriloquist

Chuck Field Comedy Ventriloquist


Chad Zaneis - Hey, Bartender!

Hey, Bartender!


David Hoyt - David Hoyt Entertainment & DJ Trivia

David Hoyt Entertainment & DJ Trivia


DeeAnn Deaton - GrooveHeads



Dorrenda Windom - Dynamic Cuisine Catering & Events

Dynamic Cuisine Catering & Events


Emily - ETC by Emily

ETC by Emily


Felicia Kessler - Celebrity Tux & Tails


Celebrity Tux & Tails


Jill Granger - Page + Parcel


Page + Parcel


Jan Jenness - The Falls Event Center

The Falls Event Center


Jaime Figueroa - Divinity Lighting

Divinity Lighting


Laura Levine - Because Baked Goods

Because Baked Goods


Lisa Forner - Lip Wisdom

Because Baked Goods


Lisa Power - Heidi's Events & Catering

Heidi's Events & Catering


Meagan Podkulski - Butterfly Events

Butterfly Events


Ryan Ingram - Ingram Entertainment

Ingram Entertainment

Scott Faver - The Party Favers

The Party Favers


We had gifts donated by Jennifer Phipps of The Leading Etch

DJ Trivia night loosers. They look really happy for loosing. Must be the good time and cute prize.


DJ Trivia night winners!

It was a fun evening!

DJ Trivia night

We had Gluten free Chocolate Chip cookies donated by Mr. Nelson's cookies.

Popcorn, nuts
Popcorn, nuts and apple bits on the table to make it easy to snack during the game.
Ryan Ingram leading us through some dance moves.
Trivia night is underway!
Trivia night is underway!


Trivia night is underway!


Trivia night is underway!


What's up Chuck and Ziggy entertaining us.










Teamwork - we make a pretty good team! Another party in the books.
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