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Creating Connections

March 15, 2016
By Jeryse Kelly

So I recently attended a workshop during a networking meeting with Event Ensemble.  Our fearless leader, Scott Faver, flew in Vicki Munsi and Mitch Taylor to educate us on the importance and how to create connections.  Even though this was geared for our businesses the same philosophy and techniques could and should be used in our personal lives.

Vicki Munsi talked about and shared from her book "Personalities for Business".  These same principles could be used in our everyday life along with dealing with other business owners and clients.  There are 4 colors; yellow, red, green and blue.  The red and yellows are extroverts.  The green and blue are introverts.  The yellow and greens are people oriented.  The red and blues are task oriented.  I think I am Red and Blue.  Vicki has an online quiz and more information can be found in her book "Personalities for Business".

Mitch Taylor talked about creating connections.  He explained the best way to do this is to get rid of distractions and allow yourself to truly connect with people.  The best ways to do this is to be prepared and be aware.  Vicki and Mitch have co-authored a book called "Creating Connections".  Some of the tips from this book are

  1.  Make eye contact.
  2.  Show up prepared.
  3.  Find common ground.
  4. Take it slowly, it's a relationship.
  5. Stay in touch - FaceBook, phone, mail



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