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Interior Design?

February 12, 2016
By Jeryse Kelly

Are you asking yourself, "Why is a Wedding/Event planner blogging about interior design?".  I have an interest in interior design and I like to put together decor for my home, parties, weddings and receptions, so why not attend an interior design workshop?  So that is exactly what I have done.  I educate myself on social media, personalities, networking, flowers, colors, and other aspects of planning an event or running a business.  I decided some of the same principles in interior design could be used in event decor planning.


I attended a workshop at Bungalow with Jeff Furtado of Lee Industries.  It was wonderful and yes designing a room in a house uses some of the same principles when designing event decor just on a larger level.  Some of the tips shared are as follows:

  1.  use 1 or 2 big pieces rather than many small pieces.  When I heard that, I instantly thought of the wonderful pieces AZ Retro Rentals offers.
  2. When using rugs in a room, either have the furniture on the rug or no furniture pieces of the rug.
  3. Quickest and less costly way to change a look of a room is to change out or bring in pillows.
  4. There is a resurgence of brass & gold, not super shiny.  Silver is still in use, just use a brushed silver.  It is OKAY to mix your metals.
  5. When creating a gallery wall, keep it tight and tell a story or have a theme with your pictures.  Use the same color frames on the same wall.

bungalow table

So whether you are a weekend warrior shopping at rummage sales, garage sales or visiting with your interior designer; keep these items in mind.  I want to find one of those cute little tables that can slide up to a couch or even if you are sitting in a chair.  It is the modern pretty version of a TV tray.  Everyone get out there and at least change out a throw pillow!

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