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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the "Getaway to Get Stuff Done" Retreat

July 2, 2024
By Jeryse
  • What is the "Getaway to Get Stuff Done" retreat?
    • Answer: The "Getaway to Get Stuff Done" retreat is a unique event designed for women business owners to focus on their business tasks, recharge their minds, and connect with like-minded professionals. It combines dedicated co-working time with self-care activities and networking opportunities.
  • Who should attend this retreat?
    • Answer: This retreat is ideal for women entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and professionals who need a break from their daily routine to focus on their business goals, recharge, and network with other driven women.
  • What can I expect from the retreat itinerary?
    • Answer: The retreat includes a mix of co-working sessions, workshops, and self-care activities. You can expect time dedicated to working on your business tasks, attending educational sessions, participating in wellness activities, and networking with other attendees.
  • What are the dates and location of the retreat?
    • Answer: The retreat takes place over three days and two nights, starting on a Tuesday and ending on Thursday afternoon. The exact dates and location will be provided upon registration, with detailed travel and accommodation information included.

Getaway To Get Stuff Done

  • What should I bring to the retreat?
    • Answer: You should bring your laptop, chargers, business materials, comfortable clothing, workout/yoga gear, personal toiletries, a journal, and any other items you need for work and relaxation. A detailed packing list will be provided closer to the retreat date.
  • Are meals included in the retreat package?
    • Answer: Yes, ALL meals are included in the retreat package. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with options to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences.

Getaway To Get Stuff Done

  • How can I register for the retreat?
    • Answer: Your registration can be completed through our official retreat website. Early bird discounts and special offers may be available, so be sure to check for any current promotions.
  • What is the cost of attending the retreat?
    • Answer: The cost of the retreat varies depending on the package chosen. Detailed pricing information, including early bird discounts and payment plans, is available on our registration page.
  • What if I need to cancel my registration?
    • Answer: We understand that plans can change. Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund if canceled within a specific period before the retreat. Please refer to our cancellation policy on the registration page for detailed information.
  • How can I get more information about the retreat?
    • Answer: For more information, you can visit our official retreat website, contact us via email, or follow us on social media for updates. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have.



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