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Happy 25th Anniversary Mike & Gina Bowers

March 22, 2013
By Jeryse Kelly

Happy 25th Anniversary Mike & Gina Bowers!!!

So my dear friends Mike & Gina Bowers have been married for 25 + years.  I can't believe that I am old enough to have friends that have been married that long.  Between them and my kids, they are reminding me that I am getting old.  I digress, back to Happy Anniversary!

I had the pleasure of assisting them with their anniversary party which was themed "Princess Bride".  I bet you all are thinking, this must have been their first date to see the Princess Bride.  Well, no it wasn't their first date.  The Princess Bride came out the same year that they got married and they LOVE this movie.  Since Mike works for Harkins and the party was held at a Harkins theater (The Valley Art in downtown Tempe), they went with a Princess Bride theme and showed the movie.  Mike even created a movie poster for the occasion.


It was a beautiful day in Tempe which was helpful since the food (done by Mary Laney of Arizona Taste) was set up for the guests to dine outside in a beautiful courtyard area next to the theater.  Arizona Taste creates some amazing food.  They served Artichoke dip for an appetizer, 2 salads, mac n' cheese, beef and chicken sliders, and sweet potato fries.  There were wild flowers in vases on the tables and Sunflowers all over in the theater and outside in the courtyard area.

I helped my friend with her favors, centerpieces, and setting displays up (photo displays, memorabilia from the wedding)  in the lobby.   My friend Gina is very crafty and has an eye for detail.  She created 3 favor gift bags.  One she stamped 25 and a laurel wreath on about 70 bags which we filled with Hershey kisses.  The other 2 bags had snack foods from the movie - peanuts (from Andre the Giants line "Anyone want a peanut") and chocolate malt balls (Miracle Max balls).  She also painted and stamped canvases for each family to take home which read "As You Wish".

Mike and Gina greeted every guest outside near the marquee and had their picture taken with each guest.  Gina's friend Mary Loeffler of Carbella Photography was her photographer and did a great job capturing all the guests and special moments.

Elaine Price of Elaine's Afternoon Tea created the dessert which were fairy cakes.  There were 4 flavors of fairy cakes; Apple crumble, Pink Lemonade, After dinner Mint, and Bailey's Mochalicious.  They are very tasty and look great on display.  They are also very easy to serve.

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