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Harrison Hurwitz Photography

October 29, 2013
By Jeryse Kelly
I had a meeting with a fabulous photographer a couple of weeks ago.  His name is Harrison Hurwitz.  He is a great, fun and knowledgeable guy.  I met Harrison 3-4 years ago at the ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) networking meetings.  We have done the short chit-chat here and there and finally took the time to sit down and talk about our businesses and our philosophies (both business and personal).  It was a lovely visit.
I quickly found out that not only is he a great guy but he is an awesome photographer.  He has had a very diverse career (studying psychology in college, working as a fashion photographer in New York, becoming a wedding photographer) which has really helped to mold him into the man and photographer that he is today.  Harrison wrote and told me;  "My style is based on my experiences as a psychologist, followed by several years as a New York fashion photographer, being a lover of photographic film, as well as having done over 600 weddings.  As a psychologist, I was trained to be an observer of human behavior, which allows me to anticipate candid moments and be ready to capture them with my camera.  As a fashion photographer, I learned to give direction to people quickly and confidently.  Despite the models being attractive, you still had to make them look even more fabulous.  In a nutshell, I would say that my images are a mixture of romantic, fashion magazine, and yet timeless."
He has survived the most recent recession which was very hard on many self employed businesses (and also large businesses) to come out on top.  If you are looking for a great photographer and guy, that knows his way around the camera and people contact Harrison Hurwitz Photopraphy, 602-50-8904,,
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