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Invitation Etiquette

January 31, 2023
By Jeryse Kelly

Save the Date and The Wedding Invitation Suite

You were asked by a special person and you said “Yes!” to that special person.  How do you let your family and close friends know that you said yes and a date has been selected?  Design a save the date and wedding invitation suite to make your official announcement for you.

Now that we are past the days of a carrier pigeon, a message in the bottle or the good old-fashioned phone tree, how do you notify your family and friends about your upcoming wedding weekend?  Side note, please notice I said "wedding weekend" and not "wedding day". Let's be real, it is a whole weekend not just a day 🙂

Do you use rock, paper and scissors to notify your family? You might not use it to create your invitations but maybe you use rock, paper and scissors to decide who picks the design, puts the invitation suite together, addresses and sends them out. If that is your method continue reading for a better solution.

Lauren Yvonne Designs
A sampling of her beautiful designs and accessories.
Invitationsuite, invitation, weddinginvitation

Save The Date

Depending on how early you are planning, you are going to send a “Save the Date” card initially. 

Usually, these cards will have an engagement photo of you and your fiancé, the date of the wedding and the geographical location.  I bet you are asking yourself what is geographical location.  Geographical location means the city, state and country (if you are going to another country).

Lauren Yvonne Designs
A sampling of her beautiful designs and accessories.  Steel blue and spring flowers
Invitationsuite, invitation, weddinginvitation

The Wedding Invitation Suite

The next item that you would send is the invitation. 

The invitation suite sets the stage for the wedding and speaks to you as a couple.  Your invitation suite should match your style as a couple and your wedding.  If you are having a super formal wedding, people wearing evening gowns & tuxes, sit down to enjoy a seven-course meal, orchestra dinner music, a big band for dancing and use a one-panel card with a casual headshot, a casual font and no response card.  Those are 2 very different themes and styles. 

Lauren Yvonne Designs A sampling of her beautiful designs and accessories. Invitationsuite, invitation, weddinginvitation
Lauren Yvonne Designs
A sampling of her beautiful designs and accessories.  Deep purple, purple and dessert scene
Invitationsuite, invitation, weddinginvitation


There are many styles, shapes, paper types, fonts and accessories to be used to create your specialized invitation suite.  Between your wedding planner referring you to a fabulous stationer and that stationer working closely with you, you can create something special for your wedding.  Please use the links below to start the learning journey into your invitation suite. 

Lauren Yvonne Designs
A sampling of her beautiful designs and accessories. Mauve coloring inviation
Invitationsuite, invitation, weddinginvitation

If you are in the midst of planning your wedding and don't want to utilize the rock, paper, scissors method to assist you with making decisions, provide guidance with designing the décor and feel for the ceremony and reception, use the links below to guide your inspiration.

Save the Date and The Wedding Invitation Suite

The invitation sets the stage for the wedding. The style should match the couple's wedding style.

Typically you will take 4 lists to compare and compile into 1 grand list. The wedding couple will submit a list and the parents of the wedding couple will also submit a list.

What’s the difference between an invitation and announcement?

An invitation normally carries the weight of the obligation of sending a gift and is reserved for family and friends.

An announcement - announces the wedding and is sent generally the day after the wedding.  These are used for business associates and acquaintances.

The elements of a wedding invitation.

Although no two invitations are alike, they all have six key  elements to them

  1. Host line - Who is hosting the wedding/event?
  2. Request line - Who are you requesting to attend?
  3. Wedding Couple line - Announcing the names of who is getting married.
  4. Date and Time - When are you asking people to arrive?
  5. Location line - Where do you want people to show up?  The formality of the event can be shown by the wording.
  6. Reception line - Are you having a reception/party after the ceremony?  

After reading this article, trying rock, paper, scissors as your guide and decision-making tool and you are looking for an advocate to help you make decisions, provide guidance designing the decor for the ceremony and reception and give you your time back both during the planning process and more importantly during your wedding weekend, let’s schedule a consultation. I can be your advocate and lead you through this fun process. Click on SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION for us to discuss your needs and how I can assist.

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