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What Bouquet is Best for You

April 12, 2021
By Jeryse Kelly

How to select a Bouquet that fits you and your styling.

Did you know there are many different bridal bouquet styles? Or are you like me and had only seen 3 different types of bouquets and thought that was all that was out there? Well, you have many options to choose from!!

Let's chat about the options


Biedermeier bouquet arrangements, align the flowers in rows of circles having the same center, creating a striped effect on your bouquet. The Biedermeier bouquet design is best for a highly creative and artistic wedding.


Cascade bouquets are a waterfall of flowers; using greenery and blooms. Cascade bouquets are fantastic for very high-end, elegant weddings, and inexpensive garden weddings.


Composite bouquets require some thought and planning to create. There will be a series of buds, petals, and blooms wired together to create an arrangement that looks like a single, giant flower.

Composite bouquets are great for refined, luxurious weddings with a softer color palette. Don't try this if you are a DIYer and don't have experience working with flowers.


Contemporary wedding bouquets don't follow any rules. Any and all elements used can stick out at unexpected angles and create a unique and complex look.


The crescent bouquet is shaped as an arch. There is usually compact flowers in the center, with more flowers that extend out of each side into a more tapered shape. It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your style. They are used for modern, romantic or whimsical wedding themes.

Hand Tied

Hand-tied arrangements look exactly how they sound: a cluster of flowers gathered and then tied together with a ribbon. This is a popular choice for a DIY bride.


The traditional and popular, nosegay bouquets are round bouquets consisting of a tight bunch of flowers cut to uniform in length and style and tied with an accent fabric. Nosegay is a chic and perfect bouquet for a small romantic or intimate wedding.


Posy bouquets are a perfect choice for petite brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. Posies are a small round bouquet tied with a decorative ribbon and easy to hold in one hand. You will typically find mostly flowers and no greenery.


The round bouquet is a bigger version of the posy and a more buttoned-up, structured version of the hand-tied. This bouquet has a harmonized and balanced look.


Pomander bouquets feature a round ball of flowers suspended from ribbon or twine, and worn by the wrist. Traditionally the pomander bouquet has been for children and flower girls. This can be fun and unique for bridesmaids as well. Colorful jewels and gems can be added to the pomander bouquet.


The presentation/pageant bouquets can be simple and chic for an elegant and crisp look, or elaborate and detailed for a lavish and regal look. Either way, this bouquet fits into the crook of the arm.

Single Stem

If you are looking for a really romantic, touching and sweet look choose one stem. This gives a simple and elegant look.

Now that you have a base knowledge of bouquets, schedule a time for us to discuss which bouquet is best for you and your wedding.

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